More done to the 67′ the past few days…

Got the old inline 6 and T5 pulled out of the 67′ yesterday (Christmas Eve). Never thought I’d be so happy to pull the engine and transmission for what I believe to be the 7th (yes really) time. It was a great engine for what it was, and was to a point fun to see what I could do to add performance and reliability, however I wish that I would have instead spent the money towards putting a 302 in it. I have one I am working on to put in, however if I would have put the “performance” mod money towards it, I’d be much further!

Anyways, with the engine and transmission out, I should be able to roll the Mustang around much easier, and i’ll be able to get in the engine bay to “refresh” it, be able to replace the battery apron since it is rotted out from sulphuric acid from the years of batteries in it, etc. I am almost finished with the lower cowl “repair”, just a small triangle to weld in and grind down the rest of the weld I made. From here i’ll be able to move onto the floor pans. I need to remove the gas tank and fuel line coming from the tank, and then I will be able to use my new Plasma Cutter! The plan is to start on the drivers side, remove the floor pan, fix the frame rail (mainly pound out the metal so that it is square again, coat the inside with Eastwoods Rust Encapsulator, and clean the outside in preparations for the Subframe Connectors ( Then I will weld in the new floor pan and move onto the passenger side repeating what I have done for the drivers side. Once both pans are in, I’ll move onto dropping the rear end and getting the subframe connectors welded in since I have to notch out the new floor pans. Once those are in….

So just a thought out loud, now that the engine is out, and soon the tank will be out and rear end, maybe I should go ahead and make a tip over jig for it and do a 360* restoration on it instead of a 180… This will set back any sort of timeline I may have had, but I rather do it right then to rush it. This would also make it easier to install the subframe connectors and any other sort of bottom-of-car modifications or replacements. This would allow me to install a passenger side torque box and replace the driver side if it needs it. Also, when finished with the bottom, I could rotate it 180* and be able to do body work to the roof. Take off the paint, do any metal work, spray a body filler and get it nice and smooth while it is easier to work on then having to lean over it. And while on the bottom, I can get it prepped and apply a good underliner to keep it in pristine condition for years to come!

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