Parts list for the 302 build

Piston Ring set -$26-36
Cam bearings -$20
Main Bearings -$15 (or $40)
Rod Bearings -$12 (or $20)
Gasket Set – 40-60
Oil Pump/Pickup
Camshaft – 200-300
Crankshaft – 200
Timing Set – 30
Pistons – 160
Con Rods – 180
Piston pin –
Intake Stud Kit
Head Stud Kit
Valve Stem Seal
Pilot Bearing
Shaker Scoop
Engine Mounts
Water Pump
Radiator Hoses
Freeze Plug Kit
Harmonic Balancer -Needs to be 50oz inbalance but 3 bolt – 80
Distributor/Coil/Plug Wires

342 Stroker:

Another 302…

Went to LKQ over Memorial day weekend for their 50% sale so I could try to pull another, in spec, 302. I went Saturday alone to see if I would find one and try to pull it if I did. I brought with my my tools and a bore gauge with caliper so I could measure the bore and make sure it was in spec unlike the previous 302. I found a 1989 Lincoln Town Car with the 5.0 and went to town. I pulled off the driver side head, measure and found the bores to be in spec. I pulled everything I could in a 6 hour period before the sun got to me and I had to go. The only thing I would need to do the next day would be to get one of the two engine hoists, and unbolt a few more things such as the engine mounts and transmission. This time I had my fathers help, and we were done in about three hours.

The engine looks to have been rebuilt at some point as it had fel-pro gaskets, and most of the bolts where quite easy, as in not rusted and goobed in the block! It’s pretty dirty, but i should be able to clean it up nicely. Its a nice roller block unlike the previous block. It turns over real nice and the cylinder walls are smooth. Hopefully when I pull the oil pan, the bottom end will look good as well.

I did manage to sell the other 302 (which keep in mind I bought for 240). Sold it to a guy on Craigslist for 200, but I kept the heads, oil pan, front cover and water pump separator plate, fuel pump eccentric, carb, and intake manifold. Not bad I must say!

I already bought a stud kit for the engine that has exhaust studs, carb studs, valve cover studs, and oil pan studs. Now I need to get studs for the heads and intake manifold!