Small update on the 302

Got the block stripped down the other day, now just the bare block with the camshaft bearings in. Didn’t realize you need a special tool to install the bearings, to the tune of over $150 :/ Not sure if I am going to buy the tool or try to wing it. It looks like the block was never over-bored which is nice, need to go through the rest of the block to see if everything else is within spec. I think once I have the 302 in the Mustang, I might look at getting a shaker scoop to put on there, always loved look! Thinking about going mild with the build still, just things like a hotter cam, new intake, long tube runners, etc. The fun part after checking all the tolerances will be to clean the block and everything like the heads, crank, etc. Then slowly buying and building up the block. I also need to start working on the console for in the Mustang, I really want to have my radio in there!

Dug more into the 302 today…

Got more done on the 302 today, it is now down to the block with the crankshaft and camshaft. Most of the parts that I keep pulling off seem to be from a 68 302, even though my block is a 71 302. A couple things have been the correct for the block number, such as the rod ends, however the rods themselves appear to be 68’s. I had to run to the auto store today to rent a ridge reamer, for what else than to ream ridges?! I’ll need to clear more bench space before I can pull the crank and cam shafts, but once they are out, I can start the measuring and determination process.

A quick list of what I will need as long as the block and whatnot is good:

  • New water pump
  • Possibly new timing cover
  • Timing chain
  • Distributor
  • Camshaft (for performance more than replacement)
  • Gaskets
  • New bolts/studs
  • Pulleys
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Alternator Brackets

Decoding the 302 and some ideas

Took some time today to remove:

  • Valve Covers
  • Passenger side head, along with
    • Pushrods
    • Rockers
  • Distributor
  • Carb
Under the valve covers, the heads are dirty, which is expected, but otherwise look fairly good. I made sure to remove each pushrod and rocker together and baggy them and label them. Upon removing the head, I noticed that the pistons, and valves look fine, minus carbon build up. Again, this is to be expected from a used engine. The two cylinder walls that I could see appear fine, I didn’t notice or feel or scrapes or gouges on the walls, although there maybe somewhat of a lip at the top, but won’t really know until I clean it up. 
My goal for tomorrow is to get the other head off, drain the oil, and flip the engine (it’s on an engine stand) and take the oil pan off to see what the bottom end looks like. If I have time, I will also take off the water pump and check out what it looks likes.
I also decided to try to decode the engine from all the casting numbers and the carb tag. 
  • Carb Tag: C5AF-AL
  • Engine Block: D1OE-6015-AA
  • Intake Manifold: C8ZE-9425-A
  • Head: C8OE-F
Decoding the carb lead me on different paths, but what it looks like it comes down to is a 65′ Autolite 4100 1.12 venturi, commonly used on a 390 engine glowing 600cfm.
The Engine block decodes as a 71′ Ford Fairlane/Torino 302 Block
The heads are 68′ 302 Fairlane/Torino 4v heads (4v referring to the intake manifold using a 4v carb)
The intake manifold decodes as a 68′ Mustang 4v head

As long as the 302 can be rebuilt, I think I will be getting a new intake manifold, high flow water pump and possible a serpentine or similar belt style setup. I’m also going to got with an arp stud kit for the heads and possibly the intake manifold.

Got a 302!

Picked up the 302 yesterday, they guy said it was from a 71 Fairlane. It has a 4v intake and carb, and will need some work, but overall I think it was a good deal for $240. Once I can start tearing it down to make 100% sure I can use it, I will start looking more into buying needed parts such as a gasket kit, and pulleys. I will also need to see if I can get the secondaries on the carb to unfreeze, they don’t look too bad. It looks like it is probably a 4100, but will know more when I research the tag on it some more.

Crossing Fingers for new Engine!

Found a local guy selling a 302 from a 70’s Fairlane, its a 4v and looks to be in pretty good shape! Hopefully I can get it this saturday and start rebuilding it slowly so that I can replace the Inline 6. The Inline 6 has been alright, but with the owner of Classic Inlines in bad health and selling the business and the fact that I have done everything I can to the 6 short of dropping a couple grand, I think it is time to move on. I have already upgraded everything to better-than-new standards when it comes to the standard V8 swap, powered discs on all four corners, 8″ rear, 5 lug all around, etc. I figure with getting this engine pretty cheap, I will be able to rebuild it at a reasonable rate,  and make a nice mild build with it. In the meantime I can still enjoy the ole’ 6 and work on the body work. No reason I can’t re-paint while rebuilding the V8 and be able to slap it in whenever!