More floor pan carnage!

Got most of the driver side floor pan removed, started out removed a good chunk using my plasma cutter (what an AWESOME tool!) The more I dug into it, the more I found that needed replaced (always the case with a classic!) I discovered the toe kick needed replaced, as whatever they had used before on the floor covered the rust quite nicely… Under the toe kick I found the torque box was pretty rusted and almost rusted through on the bottom! In addition, once I had most of the torque box cut out I discovered that the floor support could use replaced as well. Where it is overlapping the front frame support behind the torque box it is rusted through, and overall the support is pretty bent and beat up from the years of jacking. 
Instead of working above my head/face to finish removing (and eventually welding in) the torque box, I decided to move the timeline up for getting the 67′ set up on a tip over jig. Instead of paying around 2K for a professional rotisserie, I will be building a “tip over jig” which attaches to the front and rear of the car, and using some 2×6’s and some plywood will allow me to “tip” over the car on its side. While building it, I will post up my designs. Until then, I need to swap sides between the 67 and 73 so that I will be able to tip the 67 against the wall and not the middle of the floor.

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