Got behind on updating the blog… So here’s an update!

Bought more stuff!
Got yet another engine! The one that I had pulled from the pull n pay didn’t work out. The cylinders were perfectly in the wear limit, however the crank and connecting rods were chewed to hell. After pricing out replacements, it went way past my budget, to the point that I would go with a 327/342 stroker instead of just 302 components. It would cost me about $1000 or so to go the stroker route, and where I would love to have a stoker of that size, I couldn’t justify the money on it.

I keep a search app searching on craigslist for 302’s and Tuesday I got a notification right before I left work for a 306 stroker and engine stand for $125! Talked to the guy and headed over after work and picked it up for a cool $120. It is still sitting in the back of the truck waiting to be setup in the garage, but I am hoping that the 3d engine is the charm! So far it looks like a 72′ block bored out with 040 pistons. The guy said it has a B303 cam, however until I can get to the cam, I am not sure if he was correct or not. The problem lies in that fact that this is NOT a roller block, which I understand you can slap in a roller cam and buy expensive roller-link lifters to use. Granted I have my eye on a set from ebay for under $200, but I am wondering if I would be better off selling the cam if it really is a b303, and buy a flat tappet setup…

In other buys, I also finally got new seats! I have been searching for a while for new seats, considering my seat, the bottom is just a layer of Gorilla Tape. I was originally up in the air about just redoing mine or buying different ones. After pricing it out, I figured I would rather buy “new” seats. I rather “new” because of the safety and convenience, such as headrests so if I was in a collision I wouldn’t have to worry about my head being thrown backwards getting whiplash, and also being able to recline the seat! The original seats you only had a single bolt that you can somewhat adjust the seat, but that’s it. It doesn’t stay up, so if you stop quick enough, the passenger seat will slam down (with no one in the seat that is). I managed to find a seat of 99′ Mustang black leather seats. $200 later, I had a real nice set, front and back. The front are easily modified to work with the original seat tracks, the back set will take some work, and at this point I am not sure if it will work. The bottom part will need some fabricating under the front of it, and the back will need some of the metal trimmed, but to the point where I am not sure if it will work.

I got the driver side seat tracks cleaned and greased up tonight, and also attached to the seat. I got the seat installed and holy cow, these seats are GREAT! So comfortable and the reclining is so nice!  I used the front hole and had to drill and tap for the back bolt. I was concerned when I first sat down and put the seat back to find it doesn’t seem to sit back as much as the original seat, however once I reclined the seat, it made everything perfect. It was much more comfortable, and I can sit much better, again thanks to the reclining feature. The other great thing about these seats, since they are from a Mustang, is that it has a latch on the back to put the seat up for getting in/out of the back seat!

More in buys, I bought a new welder! I tried to use my Harbor Freight 90 amp flux welder, but it just was not working out. Eastwood was having a sale on their 135 mig, so I bought it. I have been trying to use it with flux core wire, which works alright, but for doing the sheet metal work that I am doing I really needed to use it as a mig, with solid wire and shielding gas. After doing some research and calling a few places, I finally found a place rather local that would sell me a filled tank. I ended up getting a 40cf of the 75%/25% Argon mix. Tomorrow I will be working more on where the roof metals the rear fender and patching it up. So far it has been a real nice welder!

Yet another buy… I bought new floor pans for the driver and passenger side! Can you believe it was same price whether I went with the long or short pans, so of course I bought the long pans! Even if I don’t end up using all of it, I will still have extra sheet metal for other repairs.

In more maintenance news, I bought some 3M 8008 adhesive and went around the windshield and back window gasket and tried the best I could to get it down in there. Hopefully that will help with the leaking until I can fix the cowl and put in a new headliner.

In problems… I have some parasitic battery drain that has drained the battery twice now. I will need to track this down, I am not sure at the moment what the problem is, as the only thing non-original is the HEI ignition and the wideband. Neither of which should be the problem though… It could just be the battery too, even though it is less than a year old.