Progress on the Tip-Over jig and some new parts…

Made progress on the tip-over jig this weekend. Got the 4×4’s and 2×6’s mounted, the plywood cut and temporarily attached. Need to cut a few 2×4’s and drill and bolt everything together onto the 2×6’s. Once the jig is built, I will jack up the car enough to remove the front and rear suspension components then I can lower it onto the jig. I also need to fab up some door jigs. I bought some square tubing at Lowes, just need to weld on a plate to attach to the door striker location and the door hinge mount. I will be picking up an electric hoist that I will be able to use to help “tip” it over as well as lower it when I need to. Hopefully I can get it “tipped” over next weekend. 

Ordered and received a new front floor support for the drivers side. Also just ordered the 1 inch shorter seat pans from NPD. They are the only people that sell them that I can find, and when I went to buy them a month ago they had NO stock, and looking tonight they had some in the FL warehouse so I bought them! 

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