Bought the house!

Closed on April 4, 2016, I am a first time home owner! A lot still needs done, but have also undertaken and gotten a lot done in only a week! Thanks go out to both my Mom and Dad to all the hard work with getting stuff done!

Things done so far:

  • Ripped out old carpeting, revealing rather nice wood floor
  • Hung up blinds in all windows
  • Rewired Shed and Garage so that it is now safe 
    • Added Garage Subpanel
    • Garage had two 12 gauge UF feeds, one was powered the other was for a switch loop
    • Removed unused switch loop and wired for 2 phase
    • Installed outlets for new lights in garage and outlets for the garage door and one for a future garage door
    • Put shed on breaker in garage subpanel
    • Some of the windows in the garage need fixed, but they all can now be opened (some needing propped as they are double hung)
  • Removed Living Room subpanel hookup which was tied to the main service feed, NOT on a breaker
  • Put both Kitchen and Living Room subpanels on a 2 pole 60 amp breaker setup
  • Rewired hot water heater to 220, was on 120…
  • Moved around some of the wiring, no need for the whole house fan to be hooked up right now when there are more important things to be wired in
  • Brought main breaker panel up to a safer standard
  • Mapped out entire main breaker panel, half of kitchen panel
    • No idea what two of the four breakers go to in the kitchen panel, nothing seems to not work with having them completely disconnected…
  • Landscaped out front, making it look like home and not just some house
  • Cleaned some junk out of the shed
  • Put in all new door locks and dead bolts on exterior doors, all keyed to one key
  • Ordered new kitchen and bathroom faucets. Some things I can live with, but low faucets (aka the Kitchen) and low and close to the back of the sink (aka the Bathroom) I cannot. One thing I found is that Amazon is SO much cheaper than the big box stores when it comes to faucets, I got both of the ones I wanted for way less than just the one would have cost.
  • Probably more that I am forgetting…

One improvement that I want to make sooner than later is upgrading the 27 gallon hot water heater. It is way too small, can’t even take a bath with it! Tankless seems to be cheaper in both upfront and over that long run costs. I should have everything required to swap over minus what is listed below. So for under 300, I should be able to install and have a tankless (read: Unlimited) supply of hot water

Tankless hot water heater setup:

Tankless hotwater Service Kit DIY:

  Price for a service kit comes to around 60 dollars, the DIY setup is about 37. Not only that, but this     is setup for 1/2 instead of the store bought ones that I can only seem to find in 3/4, which adds on       cost to reduce to 1/2

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